PM-cold work tool steel

The combination of a high carbon content and the elements chromium, molybdenum and vanadium leads to excellent wear properties.

Optimization by homogeneously distributed carbides

Due to the powder metallurgical production route, the wear-resistant carbides are particularly homogeneously distributed, which further optimizes the wear properties and mechanical properties compared to the conventional production.

PM-cold work tool steel

GradeChemical composition [weight-%]
Cryodur PM-V102.450.
Cryodur PM-V122.
Cryodur PM-V154.40.90.913.01.215.0Ni + Co + W < 0.5

Our powders are available in a grain size distribution from 0 - 250 μm. Fractionations according to customer requirements are possible.

Tool Steel Charts


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