Novel hybrid high-performance roll for the substitution of hard chrome plated layers - Hybrid-Roll

The aim is to develop a hybrid roll for cold roll applications based on a completely new combination of materials and processes. Chrome-plated cold rolls which are currently used worldwide, produced by melting metallurgy, can be replaced with this rolls. The very detrimental environmental and health effects caused by the chromium (VI) released during hard chrome plating are avoided. At the same time, the wear resistance of the roll is significantly increased, so that improved cost-effectiveness is also achieved while rolling high-strength materials for lightweight applications.

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AddSteel - New steel materials for additive production

The goal is the development of optimized steel materials which can be used for additive manufacturing. The main focus of the project is the definition of material compositions as well as the determination of optimal parameters for powder production and 3D printing.

In addition to setting an ideal powder size distribution, the performance of printed components is tested and an analysis of the economic efficiency of the manufacturing process is carried out.

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