Printdur HSA: One alloy – various applications

Stainless austenitic steels are used in classical mechanical engineering and medical industry, especially due to their excellent processability and high corrosion resistance. One of most important austenitic steels is 316L. It’s an established standard steel for Additive Manufacturing, but characterized by a low strength.

Printdur HSA is a nickel-free, high-strength austenitic steel, specially developed for Additive Manufacturing. The processing properties by AM are similar to those of standard steel 316L, but Printdur HSA achieves twice the yield strength and tensile strength as well as improved resistance to pitting corrosion. This opens up a wide range of application possibilities with only one alloy.

The advantages of Printdur HSA at a glance

  • Good processability with LPBF
  • nickel free and thus significantly reduced safety regulations during powder processing
  • High yield strength, tensile strength and hardness
  • Very high corrosion resistance (PREN = 36)
  • High tendency to work hardening
  • Very good resistance to cavitation
  • Optional increase of toughness through subsequent heat treatment
  • Various application possibilities


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