Cobalt-based metal powder

Our cobalt-based metal powder (Printdur CoCrF75) can be used for two different application areas:

  • high-temperature applications
  • medical engineering

Printdur CoCrF75 - Optimal for high temperature applications

Printdur CoCrF75 has an excellent resistance to thermal shock in the heat-treated condition and is resistant to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres up to approx. 1150 °C. Due to these properties, Printdur CoCrF75 is preferred for high-temperature applications.

Printdur CoCrF75 - The first choice in medical technology

In addition to its excellent thermal shock resistance and high resistance to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, Printdur also impresses with other properties:

  • Very good biocompatibility
  • Very high corrosion resistance

In combination with our certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485, the Printdur CoCrF75 is the first choice for applications in the medical industry.

Grade / StandardChemical composition [weight.-%]
Printdur CoCrF75
(ASTM F75)

In addition to the illustrated Printdur materials, we manufacture other materials by powder metallurgy. Our metal powders are available in a grain size distribution from 0 - 250 μm. For Additive Manufacturing, a grain size distribution from 20 - 53 μm is typically used.  Fractionations according to customer requirements are possible. Just contact us. Our metal powder production is certified according to IATF 16949 (Quality Management Automotive) and DIN EN ISO 13485 (Quality Management Medical Devices).


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