Cobalt-based hard alloys*

Our cobalt-based alloys offer excellent high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance in combination with high wear resistance. This makes them ideal for high-temperature applications. Depending on the chemical composition, our cobalt-based alloys also offer excellent toughness and excellent corrosion resistance.

Cobalt-based alloys resistant to high temperatures

Alloy / StandardChemical composition [weight.-%]
Celsit 21-P0.251.20.527.
Celsit V-P1.101.20.528.0-
Celsit SN-P1.401.20.530.0-
SZW 50211.901.20.526.0-
Celsit N-P2.401.20.532.0-

*This is only an excerpt from our portfolio. 
We would be pleased to develop a material for your application together with you. Our materials experts will gladly assist you.

Our metal powders are available in a grain size distribution from 0 - 250 μm. Fractionations and alloy specifications according to customer requirements are possible. Please contact us. Our metal powder production is certified according to IATF 16949 (Quality Management Automotive) and DIN EN ISO 13485 (Quality Management Medical Devices).


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